Choco Elixir

Packaging Design

As a chocolate lover who is passionate about Mexican visual art, I came up with a project that can perfectly combine two of my favorite things: Choco Elixir. Choco Elixir is a fictitious chocolatier based in Yucatan Mexico which makes chocolate from native ingredients sourced around the American continent. The concept of the brand and packaging is derived from Mayan history and inspired by the significant role of chocolate in their society. A special Mayan chocolate beverage combining spices, herbs, chilies and plants was first consumed in a variety of religious rituals. Then later it was enjoyed with every meal in many Mayan households. This project aims to visualize this tradition in a quirky and off-beat way, demonstrate rich Mayan heritage, and capture the essence of Mexican folk culture.


Wei Wei is a Chinese visual designer based in NYC. She recently graduated from the Schools of Visual Arts with a MFA in Design. She has a passion for designs that solve complex problems in a practical yet aesthetically pleasing way.

Wei Wei is also a Capricorn rising, ISTP/J, traveller, nomad, parent of 3 cats, and collector of beautiful things. She is now open to creative opportunities. Let’s get in touch!
Design Expertise.

• Branding/Visual Identity
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